Tri City Collective Food Security Panel Discussion

February 19, 2022
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TriCity Collective, an organization that provides learning & artistic opportunities outside the classroom for youth and adults, brought together a panel of experts through their "Real Talk" series to explore food insecurity, it’s societal impact, policy action, and multi-scaled innovative solutions to this ongoing issue.

The guest panel included: 

  • Chris Bernard (he/him) Executive Director of Hunger Free Oklahoma
  • Katie Plohocky (she/her) Co-founder and Executive Director of RG Foods
  • Bailey Perkins Wright (she/her) State Advocacy & Public Policy Director for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma
  • Host: Juddie Williams (she/her) SNAP Outreach Manager at Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma & Member of Tri-City Collective

Real Talk is a series of curated live conversations on issues and topics of critical import to marginalized communities, including, but not limited to: People of Color, LGBTQA and Economically Disadvantaged Citizens. Providing a voice and platform for often voiceless people is at the heart of the series.

The Real Talk series is presented by: 

  • The Woody Guthrie Center,
  • Tri-City Collective,
  • Tulsa Artist Fellowship, and
  • the Black Wall Street Times
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