Black Women Voices announces first panel conversation on race

June 9, 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — Panelist at 'Black Women Voices' say they were left out of Governor Stitt's roundtable discussion, so they created their own series.  "Racism is to America as water is to fish," said Camille Landry, Community Leader & Owner of Nappy Roots Bookstore.  A recurring them in tonight's conversation was that social, health and economic disparities among African Americans need to be addressed to get to the root of racism in America.  "Hearing about our experience is a nice gesture, but what are you willing to do after you hear about our pain and our trauma? And then do the work within yourself to combat white supremacy and white privilege in your circles of awareness and influence?" said Skye Latimer.   One panelist said if we don't move beyond breaking bread together, then it's a waste of time.  -------------------  Black women in Oklahoma are making their voices heard after being left out of Governor Kevin Stitt’s conversation on race over the weekend. In the panelists included on that panel included four men: two black community leaders, a black sheriff's captain, and a white police chief. The First Lady of Oklahoma moderated the event along with the Governor. Legislative and community leaders have been critical of the panel for being pre-recorded, not including community leaders who have been on the front lines of the protests, and for not including any women. Now, a group of black Oklahoma women has come together to start their own series of conversations on race called Black Women Voices.

"We need to talk about policies that have been put in place and structures that have been built that have generational impacts that we are still seeing today that create disparities and inequities,” says Bailey Perkins, Black Women Voices, Moderator

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