Strategist | Organizer | Consultant | Policy Advocate
“A millennial professional committed to addressing social problems through public policy, civic engagement, and community collaborations”
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"As our leadership team was searching for a speaker to present our staff with important information in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we knew immediately that Bailey should be one of our first contacts. Bailey led an all-staff training that not only presented valuable information that challenged us in new ways, but also encouraged us to think critically about how we could integrate the concepts into our daily practices throughout our agency. As a social services agency with a diverse staff and client base, Bailey challenged and empowered us to consider how we can better meet our clients’ needs and challenge biases that we encounter through our work. The feedback we received from our staff about Bailey’s training was extremely positive, and several staff members shared their gratitude for Bailey’s fresh approach to taking diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond a one-time presentation and encouraging us to make long-term changes and have ongoing conversations. We will certainly be asking Bailey to speak with our staff again in the future!"

Ashley Melson

Clinical Director, Lilyfield, Inc.

"Collegiate athletic directors have the difficult task of finding quality presenters for their student athlete leadership programs, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our abilities to meet and utilize in-person activities. In this age of virtual meeting platforms, it is even more difficult to find quality presenters that have the energy and ability to engage already tired minds that have been subject to virtual classes throughout the day. Recently, Ms. Bailey Perkins tackled the second leg of our Langston University Student Athlete Leadership Development Webinar Series by presenting an informative, non-partisan voter education and engagement presentation to 140 student athletes and coaches. She had fantastic energy and related well to our student athletes. This will be the first time that many of our collegiate students will be eligible to vote in a presidential election. It is our responsibility to ensure that our students understand which forms of identification are accepted at the polls and that they know what resources to use to educate themselves on the candidates. Book your webinar or presentation with Ms. Perkins today so that your students do not miss out on the opportunity to learn about this important civic responsibility from the very best! "

Donnita Rogers

Director of Athletics, Langston University

“Bailey is a trailblazer. Working with her not only gives you energy, it challenges you to think big and to consider things you didn't necessarily anticipate. She has an incredible way to look at problems from a 360 viewpoint which enables you to come up with better solutions that will incorporate different perspectives and voices that are often underrepresented. You never have to worry about whether or not things are getting done with Bailey. Her level of execution and follow-thru is incredible. She is constantly solving problems before they arise by proactively looking to optimize processes, procedures and services. Bailey's drive and determination never fails to push projects, initiatives and plans to the finish line. She is a problem solver and self-aware leader who is not afraid to challenge the status quo in a way that is effective and action oriented.”

Erika Lucas

Co-Founder of StitchCrew

“I've had the honor of working with Bailey in a variety of settings - whether it be building a policy campaign for social justice legislation, collaborating on grassroots and community organizing, overseeing crisis management, or creating inclusive and equitable programming, Bailey is a leader and an influencer. I am especially taken by Bailey's work ethic and commitment to excellence through creativity, industriousness, and dedication. Bailey has a knack for identifying gaps and taking a leadership role to develop solutions and implement strategies aimed at ensuring inclusivity, and success within an organization's programming efforts. I am genuinely energized and inspired when I have the privilege of working alongside Bailey, and she excels at making others feel welcome, heard, and respected. She has invested in building reputable and effective relationships with key decision-makers, state leaders, and community partners resulting in proven credibility and a track record of success. Bailey's management and oversight elevate the standard, decorum, and outcome of the projects in which she is involved, and she lifts people up as she rises -- a true leader.”

Liz Charles

Former Executive Director, Oklahoma Women’s Coalition

“I engaged in several presentations led by Bailey, and was so impressed by her that I reached out to her as an advisor when launching my consulting business. She is incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, and connected to a wide range of organizations and communities. To describe her as a powerful dynamo is an understatement. As a presenter, she is concise, clear and engaging. As an advisor, her insights were distinct, tailored to our vision and goals, and left me with concrete next steps and connections to move our business forward. She makes any person or group she encounters better, and does so with genuine care and interest.”

Lauren Durmus

Co-Founder-FORM, LLC

“Bailey Perkins is the real Olivia Pope and fixer. Bailey makes understanding policy easy. She is knowledgeable about policy and politics and interprets both for equitable living. She is honest in her critique and helpful in her recommendations. Bailey possesses an expert level understanding of her field. Her skills include campaign management, policy writing, data interpretation, program application. I would highly recommend Bailey for your non-profit, your church, your business, and for policy.”

Pastor Larry T. Crudup

Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Bailey models exceptional accountability in her work. She takes her work seriously, meets deadlines, and does what she says she’ll do. Her integrity and authenticity are admirable and I'm grateful for her willingness to take ownership. One of the things I love about her is how knowledgeable and skilled she is, yet she approaches every project with humility and a teachable spirit. She always feels she can learn more and keep raising the bar. I see her putting her customer service skills to great use as she navigates the difficult waters of pleasing two organizations, and pushing them to move quicker with answers and approval so she can work with lawmakers and advocacy partners more effectively. She is a skilled diplomat who understands how to work with all sides of issues and organizations. Her strategic thinking skills are where she truly shines. I love watching her work and think about how to more effectively advocate on behalf of the clients we serve. Her ability to synthesize information and determine a strategic plan of action is truly inspiring. I've learned so much from her! On top of her strategic thinking skills, she is skilled at building strategic relationships and partnership.”

Kendra Loper

Chief Community Engagement Officer, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

“I met Bailey while she was an undergraduate student at Oklahoma City University. I was completing my last year of law school at OCU, and Bailey and I worked to organize a Constitutional Law Day event. Even back then, I was impressed with Bailey's ability to bring individuals with differing political opinions together to have a frank and civil discussion about affirmative action in Oklahoma. I have since worked with Bailey on many different civic engagement projects through Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Sigma Sigma Omega Chapter in Oklahoma City. Bailey is always knowledgable regarding the issues that Oklahomas face and is always available to inform and educate the public in a fair and unbiased manner.”

Tiece I. Dempsey

Attorney at Law Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I have known Bailey since 2013, when she was among the first class of students chosen to participate in the Summer Policy Institute (SPI), a 3-day intensive public policy training organized by Oklahoma Policy Institute, the organization I led until 2019. Among a cohort of bright, accomplished students, Bailey stood out for her intelligence, her active engagement with all aspects of the program, and her outgoing, sparkling personality. My colleagues and I immediately recognized Bailey as a woman of enormous talents who was on her way to great accomplishments. For her positions at OK Policy, Bailey planned and executed our legislative strategies over two sessions, working closely with our staff and coalition partners to advance a proactive agenda aimed at promoting fair and stable funding of public services and expanded opportunities for all Oklahomans. She established strong relationships with lawmakers at the State Capitol, along with a broad range of leaders of state and local advocacy organizations. Bailey is widely admired for being knowledgeable, well organized and respectful of all those with whom she interacts. As her former supervisor and colleague, I can say without hesitation that Bailey is an exceptionally dedicated, talented, and effective leader.”

David Blatt

George Kaiser Family Foundation Professor of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration Program, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa